Thematic Capital LLP


Fixnetix is the leading provider of low latency market data and trading infrastructure connectivity to major financial institutions. We consistently set the performance standard for end-to-end market data provision and trading access, delivering sub-millisecond performance and unrivalled reliability and flexibility. Fixnetix is acknowledged as one of the only vendors able to deliver both proven low latency connectivity and market data without any buffering or loss of data, and as such is able to ensure minimal latency to all the major trading venues across Europe and worldwide.

Thematic Networks

Thematic Networks develops socially-enabled web platforms with enterprise tools that help businesses to engage with their communities and generate revenue from published digital content. Our solutions go beyond traditional Social Business Software by enabling organisations to build collaborative communities and to create, license and generate revenue from published digital content. Our technology is used to power all sorts of applications, from niche social networks through to complex peer-to-peer marketplaces with App Stores where users can create, market , sell and buy content and services.


Automating execution across the enterprise, smartTrade Technologies - founded in 1999 by former IT and trading professionals from Citigroup, Crédit Agricole and Société Générale - gives investment banks, exchanges and large hedge funds the true power to streamline their order execution process across multiple asset classes. Delivering the industry’s most sophisticated Liquidity Management System (LMS), smartTrade LMS functions on multiple levels. It optimizes the trading process for over-the-counter securities. Streamlines the way firms manage liquidity. Maximizes your traders’ time. Makes building new liquidity management rules of prices across sales, trading, prime brokerage and client segments as well as the addition of new products easy. Leverages existing infrastructure. And supports multiple currencies, asset classes, geographies and companies.


Curverider is the company behind Elgg, the award winning social networking software that powers private networks for companies, universities and government bodies world-wide.

HFT Review

HFT Review is the online magazine and social network for anyone with an interest in the subjects of high frequency trading and algorithmic trading. The site features exclusive in-depth interviews with the real HFT thought leaders, including practitioners, technologists, regulators, vendors, market operators and academics. We talk to people with wide-ranging points of view (both in favour of and against the various aspects of HFT) to give you balanced editorial coverage so that you can form your own opinions on what has become one of the most controversial topics in the finance industry.


MoneyScience brings together the most timely, relevant and interesting content from around the web in our financial news, subject sections, link library and calendar. By offering advertisers cross promotion to these sections from our financial services directory, and by making full use of social technology such as twitter and RSS aggregation, MoneyScience has become one of the most flexible platforms for financial services anywhere.


Kaazing develops and provides web infrastructure software that enables companies to quickly deliver massively scalable, real-time enterprise web applications that simplify back-end server infrastructure and significantly reduce operational costs. Kaazing's patent-pending, WebSocket Acceleration™ technology is the only solution in the marketplace today that facilitates full-duplex web communication, making it possible to seamlessly and reliably extend any TCP-based messaging protocol to the Web without buying expensive new hardware.