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Managing Partner and Co-Founder - Former Global Head of Markets for HSBC and member of HSBC Group Executive Committee. A seasoned Global Macro investor with extensive strategic management experience, and excellent contacts amongst senior Hedge Fund managers, bankers and regulators. Mike serves as a non-executive director of Jadwa Investments. Mike has also served as a senior Advisor to Moore Capital.

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Currency wars a reason to be positive on global resources

February 15, 2011 by Mike Powell   Comments (0)

There has been much news, debate and questions around the significant issue of relative exchange rates. Many argue, with some justification, that the RMB is being kept artificially weak to support China’s exports. This debate is at the heart of the tension between China the US, Japan and a number of other nations. There is no doubt that the level of foreign exchange is an important issue-but is it going to be the most important issue in the long term? Although there have been many... Read full post